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Do You Struggle With Growing Your Business?

Need to digitally transform your large organization?


Do you want to invest in the right startups & scaleups?


Are you trying to finance & grow your startup or scaleup?


Are you struggling to get new leads & retain your best customers?


Is finding the right partners, investors & suppliers hard?


Is it time to acquire the Future Skills YOU need?


Tony works with different B2B and B2C companies



Designing, planning & implementing digital transformation & innovation.

Insurance companies

Designing, planning & implementing digital transformation & innovation.

Public Authorities

Co-designing, planning & implementing Startup Accelerator Programmes.

Universities & business schools

Entrepreneurship' programs for startes, startups & scale-up, lecturing & coaching.

Workers councils

Advising, training & coaching during M&A and reorganizations.

Small Businesses

Strategy & change consulting, investing & financing.

Corporate & Private Investors

Helping investors to pick the right startups & scaleups to invest in.


Honest career advice and and becoming a successful entrepreneur


Training consultants to advice, train & coach SMEs, startups & scaleups.

Trainers & Coaches

Train-the-trainer and coach-the-coach using the different methods and canvasses.

Solo preneurs

Helping online freelancers and people working from home to make money.


Helping starters with the Starters Blueprint to make money.


Education, Training & Coaching from idea to successful startup


Helping successful startups to scale & grow without growing.

And more...!


Key-Note Speaking, Speaking, Storytelling & Chairing

Tony is a high energy-speaker, storyteller and facilitator.  He has also a wide experience as chairman of different types of global and local events inside and outside Financial Services, FinTech, RegTech, accelerators & incubators.

Management & Business Consulting services

A wide range of management & business consulting services have been provided over the last 30 years. Including Banks, Insurance Companies, VCs and different types of companies including in ICT, Retail, VC’s, Retail & Shipping.

Education, Training and Online & Offline Coaching

Different types of blended learning programmes including Digital Leadership and Entrepreneurship are provided (click here). And incompany tailormade workshops, pressure cooker sessions and online/mobile & offline coaching.

Lecturing & Mentoring at Universities & Business Schools

Tony is lecturing and mentoring students at a number of universities and business schools around topics like ‘ starting a company next to your studies’, ‘from idea to successful startup’, ‘The scaleup blueprint’, ‘Lean Financing’.

Featured Clients