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“No two lives are the same. But we all share common chapters. We all pass through ‘doorways of no return’. This might be bankruptcy,  the loss of a loved one, the loss of a well paid fixed job, making the transition from employee to entrepreneur or a divorce. I went through all those ‘doorways’ and I am a happier person in my private life and professional life.  And I want to help you to do the same” – Tony de Bree, November 2018.

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[EVENT]: “How to stay competitive?” at “Is your Fraud Kill Chain Future-Ready?”

Morning, tomorrow I am presenting at the Roundtable of FOX-IT in Brussels on the topic of 'Is your fraud kill chain future ready?'. With the experience of fraud, compliance and cybercrime experiences online and offline at ABN Amro between 1997 and 2011, In 'How to stay competitive?', I will focus on the real issues of large banks and the lessons that can be learned from new companies like FinTech startups and scale-ups.
[EVENT]: “How to stay competitive?” at “Is your Fraud Kill Chain Future-Ready?”

[BLOG]: How to select the best startups?

Many organizations are organizing startup competitions or want to select startups at the beginning of a startup accelerator program for instance. The problem is that in many cases the wrong criteria are used and the result is that often promising startups are not selected and others that do not really stand a chance are selected and allowed to join the program. Here are a number of practical tips by Tony de Bree.
[BLOG]: How to select the best startups?

New Digital Leadership Program for Executives in Financial Services (Tony de Bree).
Many senior managers and executives in Financial Services are been made redundant. We produced this short video to promote our new blended-learning program for former senior executives and senior managers in Financial Services on ‘Garden Leave’ or in danger of losing their position. Check it out here.

'What is online reputation management?'

One of the most often asked questions online.. In this new type of video, an 'infographics video', that question is answered by explaining what it is and why you should have a good online reputation strategy: to make money online and to reduce your online reputational risk. As companies like PayPal discovered the hard way.

The future is video, customer engagement and sound.

Videos are rapidly replacing texts in marketing, communciation and learning. Videos are also a great way to engage your existing and new customers. They play a crucial role in your online and personal branding. In this case the image presented is one of 'Start engaging today'', a positive attitude and 'just do it'.

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Tony provided a roundtable ‘Fintech: how to make money with Compliance’ at the international renowned FMO Future of Finance conference. The roundtable had the highest attendance rate and Tony provided new insights in collaboration between banks/regulatory environment and fintechs to senior management of financial institutions in the geographical working area of FMO.

Michelle Rocker Manager Compliance & Operational Risk at FMO

When I first met Tony I was chairing a Business Process Management conference where he did a keynote presentation on Creative Destruction. Tony presented with much enthusiasm and the audience really reacted to that.

Pascal RavesteynProfessor at HU University of Applied Sciences

Since Tony made a lasting impression as a chairman during a prior event we decided to invite him back again for, for different E-travel Summits like this one. The expectations were high but Tony fulfilled the expectation.

Rob van BergenInternational Operations at TradeTracker.com

I have come to know Tony as an inspiring, trustworthy and inventive person. Full of ideas and anecdotes I can highly recommend giving him a call when you are looking to energize either yourself or your organization.

Henk-Jelle Reitsma Senior Manager Finance & Risk Benelux

It was a pleasure to work with Tony during our ‘OpEx in Financial Services Conference’ in Amsterdam. He moderated the workshop that he was in charge of with charm and wit plus made sure that both the speaker and the participants good…

Richard Neve Managing Director | Partner at Cognito Media Amsterdam

Dr Tony de Bree has acted as a speaker for me on many occasions at events such as product launches, FS Industry Seminars and Customer Events. Tony is a very professional speaker whose wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled,,,

Amanda Steward Marketing, VP at Pushfor




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With Joel Junior from the Buzinezzclub in Rotterdam during a masterclass in Dutch on the 23rd of May 2018 for young people in Rotterdam on 'You have everything you need to become successful!'. 
Startups in Holland ConTech & PropTech receiving a copy of ‘Kan het vliegen?’ at the Matchmaking Meetup ING 28 September 2017.
Tony with Boukje Vastbinder, one of the experts, and Anoesjka Bakhtali - Imambaks (Director Venture Cafe Rotterdam)
Finalists of the Next Women pitch-competition 2017, receiving a copy of the book to help these women founders grow and make it fly!
Meeting happy customers is one of the nicest things in your every day life. Here a picture with Enigma Delgado in Rotterdam.

'Kan het vliegen? Van idee tot succesvolle startup' ('From idea to successful startup').

Thanks to satisfied customers and great ambassadors, the first ‘how-to- book’ for founders of startups, startup accelerators, unversities, business schools and corporate and private investors, ‘Kan het vliegen? Van idee tot succesvolle startup'’, is a big success.

The book is full of best practices by starting and seasoned entrepreneurs and investors and focusses on the do’s and don’ts from selecting the best idea to becoming a successful startup and get over 'The 1st wall' from the Startup Phase to the Validation Phase.

If you want to know more about how this book and the tools can help you to develop your idea into a successful startup, then contact Tony today.


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