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“No two lives are the same. But we all share common chapters. We all pass through ‘doorways of no return’.  I went through many ‘doorways’ and I am a happier person in my private life and professional life.  And I want to help you to do the same” – Tony de Bree, November 2018.

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[NEW]: Digital Leadership Programmes
Many senior managers and executives in Financial Services, outside Financial Services and in the Public-Sector  are been made redundant. That is why three blended learning digital leadership programmes were designed for individual executives and senior managhers.  Check them out here.

[NEW]: Entrepreneurship For Bankers
Many employees and managers in Banking and other large organizations in Financial Services want to start their own business, found a FinTech startup or work at a scaleup. That is why we co-developed a new 'Entrepreneurship for Bankers' programme. Check it out here.

[NEW]: Startup Accelerator As A Service
Many organizations are designing programs to increase corporate entrepeneurship. One of the ways they want to do that is by working together with startups. So that is why we propose the 'Startup Accelerator As A Service' solution. Check the information here.

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