[BLOG]: 4 Important Tips To Help You Make Money From Your Passions Updated for 2021

Updated: November 28, 2021

You probably have heard the stories of how a person became a millionaire with the help of the Internet. The reality is most of us will never become a millionaire on the Internet, but it is possible to make a living on the Internet. Here are Tony de Bree’s personal tips.

Hi, how are you today?

It’s unreal how helpful the Internet has been to many people. The Internet has made e-commerce a possibility to sell products to a much bigger audience and it has helped many people working from home, digital mavericks and online freelancers to make money online with their own specific skills and without having a lot of money.

So although becoming a millionaire is actually rather difficult (I did not manage….), you can earn a living and pay your bills for much less than 20 to 30 years ago. Want to know how to make money from your passion from multiple income sources like I do since 1997 (see my linkedin profile here).

1) Realize where your passion really is.

Most self-made millionaires said it was doing what they love and what they are really good at, that gave them the power to make the money online and offline they have made. With that in mind, you have to wonder what you’d do if you did not get paid for what you’re offering. How would you spend your time if you did have the money you wanted? If you need some help here, ask loved ones for their advice.

2) Choose a niche that needs your solution.

Once you know what your passion really is and what you are really good at according to others, you have to find the niche market that wants what you have to offer with customers that actually want to pay you for your product or service. Why is that? A niche market can be a rather large market globally. If you have a broad topic, you’re going to have a plethora of competition. For instance, if your market is focused on camping, you need to cooking, you need to come up with unique things for you to talk about. And the same thing goes for consulting, training & coaching by the way.

So you have to be specific. My personal advice? Focus on unsatisfied customers or customers that are not served yet!

3) Develop solutions to make money.

In general, companies that fail, focus to much on products and not enough on solutions. What the difference is? People are for instance not looking for mortgages, they want to be able to finance their house!Some of the best solutions to produce and sell are:

1) Services
2) Digital products or ‘info products’.

I personally like digital products or ‘info products’ a lot. Examples are e-books, podcasts and videos. I actually started making money online in 2001 next to my fixed job at ABN Amro Corporate IT Strategy. By producing and selling e-books and by helping people working from home and online freelancers worldwide to make money online. Generating multiple income streams AND serving as lead-generation for online & offline activities like workshops and masterclasses at business schools. Because I love helping people including students and people of my own age to make money themselves.

Because I am passionate about writing and because I write very fast in Dutch and in English and I am (according to others…) a born storyteller, I started to write, sell or give aways e-books in English and in Dutch. I also started to write short stories and teach and train people in how to use storytelling in marketing and during presentations. Later on, some of these stories stories about my professional life at ABN Amrio were published in a bestselling book in Dutch: ‘Dagboek van een bankier’.

4) Bring traffic to your site or your social profile

There are a number of ways that help in bringing traffic back to your site or your social profile:

• Optimization – this is when you use high ranking keywords and an inexpensive piece of software that identifies those keywords used by consumers.
• Link Building – Find sites that allow you to connect with them and provide a link back to your site in exchange for their link on your website.
• Social video marketing – using videos on social media with links and other references to your sites or social profiles.

As you see, making money leveraging your passion or passions to spiral your way to success. Success isn’t attained overnight, but a passion for what you do can certainly help you win prospective customers over and make money from existing, loyal customers. If you’re not sure what your passion is, remember to ask someone what they think and take action from there. And if you read Dutch, you can use the forms in ‘Geld verdienen met jezelf’

Ok. This were my personal tips about how to make money from your passion online and offline to generate multiple income streams.

Bookmark this category of blogs if you want to get more tips and tricks on how you can make money online and offline following your passion. Or if you should do something else.

Tony de Bree

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