[NEWS]: 4 Reasons To Change From Text to Video in 2019

Morning, in my business strategy, my marketing strategy and my financial strategy for 2019, I decided to switch from text to different types of video and other visuals. Here are the 4 mean reasons for that change.


finally some time off to write and to make choices for 2019 about my personal and business objectives! One of the most important transitions I have been preparing with my trusted suppliers, strategic partners and online and offline freelancers in my business ecosystem is a) the transition from text to video in 2019 and to using more and b) using more visuals in my content marketing strategy and marketing strategy in general.

There are several reasons for the switch from text to video:

1) Short videos are very effective.

The results of using especially short videos for the promotion and marketing for the Dutch version of ‘The scaleup blueprint’ (check it out here) have been very positive, including the short videos for a number of the companies and investors participating in the book and the bundle of products and services.

2) Text versus video.

The effectiveness of text in comparison with visuals and video in particular has been declining rapidly.

3) Social Video Marketing automation.

I have found a number of trustworthy partners and a number of tools that help you to generate and distribute videos and other visuals automatically at reasonable prices across different social networks.

4) Short video scripting & co-production of short videos.

I love writing scripts and co-producing short videos for different customers together with people in my network.

And last but not least:

5) Internet traffic in 2021 and video.

Cisco projects that 81% of Internet traffic for consumers will be video. So there is no choice: you have to make the change yourself!

If you want to see some examples of the short videos I have been using in 2018 including on LinkedIn, check out this page.

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