[BLOG]: 4 Tips On Using LinkedIn To Start & Grow Your Business Updated for 2021

Updated: November 1, 2021

LinkedIn is the top business networking platform bar none! Unlike some other social media platforms, Twitter for instance, virtually all of these hundreds of millions of people with their accounts on LinkedIn are real.

They’re not fake accounts or bots, for instance. If you want more business for yourself or your company, LinkedIn is THE place to be! All you need now is to understand how to use it properly, and then you can, as they say, write your own check. So, in the rest of this article, let’s talk about how to go about using LinkedIn the right way to find the right people to start, grow and/or scale your business.

The first thing you have to do is to decide with whom you want to be connected. This is something not many ‘gurus’ are talking about, but in my opinion, this is critical. You want to find the right people,don’t you? I mean the right leads or customers, the right suppliers, the right partners and perhaps the right investors. Not just anybody, you want to be found by the right people! You do not want to waste your precious time, energy & money building relationships with the wrong people, don’t you?

The second thing you need to do is to write your profile and especially your headline and your profile summary so that it brands you in the best light…to be found by….the right people or companies! Your profile is part of your personal brand.

‘Use LinkedIn to find AND to be found by the right people’.

So many people on LinkedIn have skimpy profiles! Don’t do that! Use all the space provided and fill out your profile as best you can. I’ve written several articles on the best practices when it comes to LinkedIn profiles (see these articles on ‘LinkedIn marketing).

Finally, message the right people consistently and targeted. LinkedIn is a person-to-person networking platform. Most people don’t realize this. It’s made to be used manually, but more and more automatically. The overall goal is provide valuable content to the right people, to connect and develop relationships with the right people and not to waste their and your valuable time, energy and money.

Get these three things rolling in your favor, and you’ll turn LinkedIn into a great business tool to find the right customers, the right suppliers, the right partners AND the right investors and to develop mutual beneficial relations with all of them.

These where some practical tips I wanted to give you today on how to use LinkedIn to start, grow and scale your business with LinkedIn. Good luck with building your own unique business ecosystem with LinkedIn.

Until the next blog on LinkedIn marketing and if I can help you in any way, including with LinkedIn, just contact me here, ok?


p.s. If you are interested in more free practical tips about how you can use LinkedIn to reach your objectives, including how to get leads, bookmark these posts.

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