[BLOG]: 4 Ways to Generate More Leads with LinkedIn

Lead generation on Linkedin by Tony de Bree

LinkedIn has become the most extensive professional network in the world with millions of professionals using the platform. When it comes to being able to generate more leads, it’s a lot like a steadily growing mutual fund, in that the more you put into it, the higher your returns. With the right forms of targeting, content marketing and online engagement, you can use LinkedIn to generate more qualified leads to grow your business.

These are 4 ways you can use LinkedIn to generate qualified leads.

Use the Search Feature to Identify Prospects

Getting more likes and followers for your LinkedIn company page doesn’t always translate into more leads. To utilize LinkedIn to generate more business leads, you need to connect with the right audience, reach you target audience or niche. To start using LinkedIn’s search function, narrow down the specific job roles that you want to target; make sure to focus on those individuals who are more likely to understand the benefits of your products or service, and especially those who have the authority to make a buying decision. After you connect with the right people, introduce yourself, your value proposition and your company in a light tone.

Share Valueable Content

As you start to gain more leads, you’ll need to start engaging your growing audience by sharing with them different types of valuable content that represents value to your leads and prospects. When you share valuable content with your LinkedIn connections, it will help to build your credibility with your target leads. If you are good at copywriting or at social video marketing, I suggest you write your own posts and share your own short videos in different format. You can streamline the process of sharing content with your LinkedIn connections by using tools to schedule your content and thus automate your linkedin-marketing processes. A good example of ‘marketing automation’.

Use LinkedIn Groups to Share Advice

One of the best ways to gain credibility in your niche and generate more leads is by sharing your hands-on knowledge and experience with the people you want to work with. You can do this with LinkedIn Groups where your target groups, possible leads in your niche, are member of. This feature provides a way for you to find people that have the same interests as you, that have the same problems you have experience of solving and who might benefit from your value proposition, your ‘solution’ and helps you warm up to them. While engaging in LinkedIn Groups, you want to look for posts that are getting maximum traction and participate in them. While you are engaging with the group, make sure to offer advice in an educational way and avoid self-promotion.

Upgrade to Premium

Upgrading to LinkedIn Premium provides you with access to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool, which you can use to narrow down your search to fit your ideal lead, prospect and at the end repeat customer. Then you can save the results and send significant leads InMail messages or other marketing automation tools to introduce yourself.

Your lead generation process needs to be structured to be effective. Using these four tips and tools can help you build a steady stream of leads with LinkedIn.

These where some practical tips I wanted to give you today on how to use LinkedIn to start, grow and scale your business with LinkedIn. Good luck with building your own unique business ecosystem with LinkedIn.

Until the next blogs on LinkedIn marketing and on Lead Generation. And if I can help you in any way, including with LinkedIn, just contact me here, ok?


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