[BLOG]: 7 Tips To Become A Productive Entrepreneur Updated for 2021

[BLOG]: 'How To Choose The Right 'Free Masterclass' by Tony de Bree.

Updated: November 25, 2021

Hi, how are you today?

Many people have asked me over the years ‘how do you manage to be so productive, Tony?’.

Well, I must admit, being a productive entrepreneur as a ‘one person company’ like I am since 2001 when I started as online entrepreneur next to my corporate day-job, takes a great deal of resilience, tough decision making and above all good planning. Especially if you are coming from a large organization and have never been an entrepeneur before.

Here are my 7 personal tips, my personal ‘Productivity hacks’ if you want to become a successful entrepreneur:

  1. Avoid wasting precious time, energy and money.
  2. Use the righ online & offline tools.
  3. Set clear and obtainable goals.
  4. Manage your time, energy and money carefully.
  5. Plan your activities.
  6. Prioritize and choose.
  7. Stop in time!

In the next blogs on ‘Productivity hacks for entrepreneurs’ I will share more tips & tricks with you on these 7 topics, ok? And if you have a question or a comment, just react to this blog, ok?

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Tony de Bree

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