[BLOG]: 8 Signs You’re Burned Out From Work

[BLOG]: 'How To Handle Loosing Your Job' by Tony de Bree.

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Although it is beter to start an side hustle when you are feeling ok, it is also a good time to start one when you start feeling burned out at work. When you encounter these telltale signs of workplace burn out that I experienced myself, then you may need to start a side hustle soon.

Many people nowadays suffer from a burn out, executives and senior manager and even a lot of the milennials I know…..and that is not a good sign. I personally know what it is to have a burn out and what it takes to get out of one due to my experiences between 2008 and 2011. I also know it is really a good idea to start a side hustle when you feel ok, but I recommend you to start one or even more in any case as your personal ‘plan b’ if you start to feel one of the first signs…… Here they are.

  1. You do not feel going to work

When you wake up in the morning and you remember you need to go to work, all you want to do is crawl back into bed. You’re not looking forward at all to dressing up and going to work.

  1. You’re physically tired after work

Even if you sit the whole day in front of your computer, you still feel extremely tired. Your shoulders stoop, and you feel like dragging your feet on the ground when you walk. Putting one foot in front of the other seems like a difficult task.

  1. You feel absolutely free on your days off

When it’s your day off, you feel the exact opposite. You feel as though the dark clouds have lifted and you can feel the sunshine on your face. You literally feel like you’re on a happy vacation from the office. ‘Free at last’!

  1. You think about quitting all the time

If quitting your job consumes your thoughts, then you’re probably burned out. But if you don’t have another source of income lined up, then you’ve no choice but to stay, at least until you get your finances sorted out.

  1. You don’t care about your performance anymore

You go to work simply for attendance purposes. You no longer care if you submit good quality work.

  1. You feel stressed when you’re at work

Even if you just came from an enjoyable weekend, the moment you step into the office, all the joy is sucked out of you. You feel like a lifeless doll going through the motions of working.

  1. You have trouble falling asleep

Even if you’re super tired and stressed out at work, you still find it hard to find peaceful sleep at night. You may even develop insomnia, thanks to the negative thoughts that pervade your mind day in and day out!

What also can happen is that you fall asleep very quickly, but after some time, you wake up and you can not sleep anymore.

  1. You feel depressed

When you start feeling depressed because you feel like you’re going to spend the rest of your life in the same job doing the same things over and over again, then you’re definitely burned out.

That actually also happened to me in my former life working in Global Banking. I felt physically ‘locked up’. It felt as if I was in a real prison. After my last day at the Bank at the end of 2011, I actually felt as if the prison doors finally had opened and that I was ‘free at last’ as I wrote in my Dutch storybook ‘Diary of a banker’ (‘Dagboek van een bankier’).

Take action before you get a burn out!

So my personal advice to you is: look for a way out – a side hustle is a good start! So start to work on a side hustle today while you are still having the energy for it. And take action now. Contact me here and I can help you with trusted personal advice about your possible side hustles as an entrepeneur for instance and how to prepare a clear way out with your own ‘plan b’ as I did. As an independent entrepreneur, a founder of a startup or working for a scale-up for instance (read this if you are currently working in a Bank ).

Talk to you soon.

Tony de Bree

Follow me also on Facebook, on Twitter (@tonydebree in English), Instagram: tony.de.bree and @ideetotstartup in Dutch), Pinterest and Linkedin for news, special offers, coupons and much more.


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