[BLOG]: What Do The Mega Online Platforms Actually Disrupt? Updated for 2021

'What Do The Mega Online Platforms Actually Disrupt?' by Tony de Bree

Updated: October 30, 2021


everybody is talking about ‘digital disruption’, ‘disruptive entrepreneurship’ and ‘the online platform economy. But they often miss the most important type of digital disruption using specific new business strategies that successful online platforms focus on.

Traditional types of ‘digital disruptions’.

As part of the traditional business strategies around ‘beating the competition’ and ‘differentiating yourself from the competition’, there are three types of ‘digital disruption’ that traditional companies are always talking about:

  • disrupting the industry (often a mature industry);
  • disrupting markets for a certain product;
  • disrupting the revenuemodel of one or more competitors.

and what these large companies also often focus on is ‘defending their ‘position’ against (possible or real) attacks from incumbents and/or new entrants like online platforms, startups or scale-ups’.

What succesful online platforms actually focus on and ‘disrupt is’…. they disrupt the lives of a large group of people!

“Disruptive entrepreneurs with their mega online platforms disrupt the lives of people….in a positive way!”.

They do not care about ‘competition’, ‘marketshares’ or ‘destroying industries or markets’. They focus on what I call ‘digital blue oceans’ of often billion dollar niches of people having the same problem that traditional players do not solve. They focus on ‘digital blue oceans’.

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What’s next?

Well, that was my first blog from a new series on ‘digital leadership in the online platform economy’ on this site. Read & bookmark these posts if you want to read more about Digital Leadership in the online platform economy.

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