Corporate Entrepreneurship Programmes - in short

Many corporates and public authorities are organizing different types of startup accelerator programs. Tony has been designing modular offline & online training and coaching programs since 1985. He helps customers including Ministeries, Municipalities, Banks & Insurance companies to design and run their own internal startup accelerator program, combining different types of instructional models to increase corporate entrepreneurship. 


[BLOG]: The Benefits of Using Short Videos

Many marketing videos are between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long, but what about making videos that are even shorter than that? Like for instance between 15-20 seconds? Is there a benefit to using short or ultra-short videos for your business? Blog by Tony de Bree on
Video marketing tips by Tony de Bree on


Corporate Entrepreneurship

‘I want to design and run my own startup accelerator program on demand’

Designing the startup accelerator program

Structuring the program internally

Defining challenges

Selecting internal mentors

Defining startup selection criteria

Defining the curriculum

Organizing the learning activities

Evaluating the activities

Monitoring the results

Defining the next steps

Evaluating the startup accelerator program


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Startups of Holland ConTech & PropTech receiving a copy of ‘Kan het vliegen?’ at the Matchmaking Meetup ING 28 September 2017.

Tony with Boukje Vastbinder, one of the experts, and Anoesjka Bakhtali - Imambaks (Director Venture Cafe Rotterdam)

Finalists of the Next Women pitch-competition 2017, receiving a copy of the book to help these women founders grow and make it fly!

Meeting happy customers is one of the nicest things in your every day life. Here a picture with Enigma Delgado in Rotterdam.

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