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Are you working or where you working as a senior manager in a large Financial Institution, in a non-Financial corporate or in the public- or semi-public sector and do you want to differentate yourself from the people in traditonal outplacement programmes with professors? Then make a free appointnment with us today.

Digital Leadership Programmes

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Digital Leadership Programmes - Options

Digital Leadership in Financial Services

Many executives & senior managers inside Financial Services have been made redundant in the last few years. Finding a new similar position with Financial Services or in another sector is not so easy. That is why we also have included other options in this innovative blended learning programme for as we call it 'outplacement 2.0'. 

Digital Leadership for Corporates (non-Financials)

After we had started the innovative 'Digital leadership for Financials programme, senior managers from other industries also wanted to join. And that is why we developed a new 'digital leadership' programme for executives & senior managers from corporate non-financials. Combining active search  with outplacement 2.0  options.

Digital Leadership in the Public Sector

Although jobs in the public and the semi-public sector are often less threatened than in Financial Services and in other commercial industries, there are still a lot of executives and senior managers from those sectors that are losing their jobs. Traditional outplacement often does not result in anything. So that is why the  'digital leadership programme' for people in the public sector was created.

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