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Hi, welcome to our new site. Great to have you here. I am passionate about working together with trustworthy people and organizations in The Hague (The Town where I live), The Netherlands (my current home country) and in other countries in Europe and abroad to develop your business and to be a happier person at the same time. And this site is a great example of how you can co-operate in an effective way with young people and older people to get things done and mutually benefit from that experience.

All of my life, I have been working together with managers in large companies and with SME’s, starters, founders and startups and also unemployed people how to use ICT to connect with each other locally and globally and to make this World a better place to for ourselves and for our children. And I would be honored to be partnering with you to leverage our mutual knowledge and experience to make you a successful entrepreneur and survive the digital transformation we are all going through.

So what’s keeping you? Let’s connect today by sending me an email here or by phoning me at +31634387806.

Warm regards,
Tony de Bree

Follow me also on Facebook, on Twitter (@tonydebree in English) and @ideetotstartup in Dutch), Pinterest and Linkedin for news, special offers, coupons and much more.

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