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Are you working or where you working  in a Bank or in another Financial Institution and want to become an entrepreneur? Then make a free appointment with us today.

Entrepreneurship For Bankers Programmes

1. Get honest advice on if entrepreneurship is something for you


2. Select 1 or more entrepeneurial options with the highest successrate


3. Follow the personal programme, plan & go for it!


Entrepreneurship For Bankers – Options

Start your own independent business with  The Starters Blueprint©

In 2001, Tony started as online as his ‘plan b’.  Based on these experiences, of his 12.000+ online & offline customers & others contacts, he wrote ‘Geld verdienen met jezelf’ (‘making money with yourself’). He developed the 5-step Starters Blueprint©. Want to know more?

Found your own FinTech Startup with The FinTech Startup Blueprint©

Many managers and employees in Financial Services want to turn their idea into a sucessful FinTech startup. Or a RegTech, LegalTech or Insurtech startup. Tony wrote a bestseller in Dutch, ‘Kan het vliegen?’, on how to do that. We use that 5-step model & checklists in this option.

Turn your startup into a successful scaleup with the FinTech Scaleup Blueprint©

If you want to develop, grow and scale your startup into a sucessful scaleup or if you want to join one, this programme is something for you. You will learn how to use the scaleup blueprint©, the scaleup model canvas© and other scaleup canvasses.

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