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In 2021 content marketing online including for consumers will mainly consist out of different types of videos. If you want to know how you can use different types of videos in your online and offline sales and marketing plans, then make a free appointment with us today.

Featured Short Videos

New Digital Leadership Program for Executives in Financial Services (Tony de Bree).

Many senior managers and executives in Financial Services are been made redundant. We produced this short video to promote our new blended-learning program for former senior executives and senior managers on ‘Garden Leave’. Check it out here.

‘Entrepreneurship: the reality behind the hype’ (Tony de Bree)

Motivational speech by Tony de Bree at the Entrepreneurial Inspiration Day (EID) in Rotterdam on 12-04-2018 on ‘Entrepreneurship: the reality behind the hype’ together with top-managers of ASML, Philips, Microsoft etc. The presentation includes this video.

‘How to find the right investors and what do they want to know about you?’ (Tony de Bree)

On the 12th of April 2018 I gave a workshop at the Venture cafe in Rotterdam for startups and scale-ups. On how to find the right investors and what they want to know about you for founders and co-founders of startups. Sharing lessons learned and real-life experiences on these topics since 1997. This video was part of a Powerpoint-presentation.

Miscellaneous videos

‘What is online reputation management?’

One of the most often asked questions online.. In this new type of video, an ‘infographics video’, that question is answered by explaining what it is and why you should have a good online reputation strategy: to make money online and to reduce your online reputational risk. As companies like PayPal discovered the hard way.

The future is video, customer engagement and sound.

Videos are rapidly replacing texts in marketing, communciation and learning. Videos are also a great way to engage your existing and new customers. They play a crucial role in your online and personal branding. In this case the image presented is one of ‘Start engaging today”, a positive attitude and ‘just do it’.


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