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Are you looking for a simple and affordable way to promote your FinTech-business, get more leads and make more sales?

Did you know that already 80% of the content online in 2019 is video?

That short social videos are really hot on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube?

And that we have been using video now for 3 years for FinTech Startup Partners successfully?

Promote your FinTech business online with video

Are you struggling to get paying customers for your FinTech-company? Do you need an affordable but effective way to promote your business online? Get started with online video TODAY!

Why use video?


Online video is an excellent way to communicate and deliver your message to your targeted audience. 


Videos can help build trust, increase brand awareness, improve online presence & reveal personality.


Having a video on your webpage makes it 53X more likely to appear on the first page of Google with your solution.


Video is proven to have an influence on purchasing decisions by 90 % of potential large and small customers.  

Video 1: animation with logo.

There are many different types of animations, using different types of techniques. In this case, a short animation with a logo appearing.

This example was designed &produced to create awareness for a new educational blueprint & programme for individuals or groups/teams in Financial Services that wanted to start their own FinTech-startup around a 5-step development model.

Video 2: short videos (‘3-scenes’).

One of the most powerful ways to use online video is to show people that ‘feel their pain’, you care…..and that you know how they feel. 

The story in this video is that this senior banker has lost his job and does not know what to do. Exactly the group of people Tony wanted to reach for this new ‘Digital Leadership Program’. Tony lost his job at the end of 2011, so he knows the situation. 

Video 3: Outro videos.

‘Outro videos’ are short videos you can put at the ‘end’ of any video. To brand it with in this case your logo.

In general, they are between 4-6 seconds. We can help you with a wide range of different outro videos.

If you are looking for something specific or if you would like to have this one with your logo in it (png), then fill in the form underneath, ok?

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