[EVENT]: “How to stay competitive?” at “Is your Fraud Kill Chain Future-Ready?”

Morning, tomorrow I am presenting at the Roundtable of FOX-IT in Brussels on the topic of ‘Is your fraud kill chain future ready?’. With the experience of fraud, compliance and cybercrime in the business, corporate ICT, Global Gompliance, GDDM & KYC at ABN Amro between 1997 and 2011 and since 2012 with advising and reviewing FinTech startups and scale-ups. I am looking forward to the exchange of ideas!


Tomorrow I am contributing to a Round-Table organized by Fox-IT in Brussels and I am looking forward to that. For me personally it is an interesting experience because after spending 26 years at Amro and ABN Amro in different roles and functions around strategy, change & transformation of large organizations,  I am now focusing on how new companies including new FinTech startups and scaleups and other crossovers, are avoiding strategic, organizational & ICT-related problems that large incumbents have.

“FinTech startups & scaleups do not have the same problems as large incumbents in Banking”.

It is not for nothing that mainly the large, traditional banks are running into major problems around cybercrime, moneylaundering and fraud and that new companies hardly run into these type of problems.

That is why I will cover the next three topics:

1) The real issues at large banks and other incumbents.
2) Lessons learned from successful FinTech startups & scaleups and cross-overs.
3) How to stay competitive as an organization & as a person?

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