Innovation in Banking - Free Introduction

Want to know how to innovate your bank, found a FinTech startup or grow and scale an FinTech scaleup? Then let's meet up to see how we can help you to differentiate yourself from the competition.


What you need is clarity and honesty — When you work with us to clarify what your options are really, you’ll be seen, heard and understood by the right people in the traditional and in the new labourmarket and ‘workmarket’.

With our innovative  Digital Leadership Programs you will learn what your best options are. Based on honest advice and on what you would like to do yourself. We will make sure that you do not waste your valuable time, energy and money with useless education and training and with going to job interviews with the wrong people. We help you to plan your online and offline networking activities including personal branding, video marketing, how to start your own company and how to prepare yourself for working in a startup and how to join a scaleup if that is what you want: we wil help you to turn yourself into a successful entrepreneur!

One of the short videos we have produced for our content marketing strategy online. Especially on LinkedIn. Want to learn more about how you can use video marketing for your business? Check out these blogs.

Digital Leadership Programs

1. Get honest career- and workadvice


2. Make your plan


3. Go for it!


Digital Leadership Programmes - Options

Digital Leadership in Financial Services

Many executives & senior managers inside Financial Services have been made redundant in the last few years. Finding a new similar position with Financial Services or in another sector is not so easy. That is why we also have included other options in this innovative blended learning programme for as we call it 'outplacement 2.0'. 

Digital Leadership for Corporates (non-Financials)

After we had started the innovative 'Digital leadership for Financials programme, senior managers from other industries also wanted to join. And that is why we developed a new 'digital leadership' programme for executives & senior managers from corporate non-financials. Combining active search  with outplacement 2.0  options.

Digital Leadership in the Public Sector

Although jobs in the public and the semi-public sector are often less threatened than in Financial Services and in other commercial industries, there are still a lot of executives and senior managers from those sectors that are losing their jobs. Traditional outplacement often does not result in anything. So that is why the  'digital leadership programme' for people in the public sector was created.