To help executives and senior managers to land a similar job in the corporate world, we have now included ‘Digital Transformation’ as new module in our blended learning ‘Digital Leadership Programme’.

Morning, we always listen to our customers and prospects and we want you as executive and senior manager to ‘differentiate yourself from the pack’ on the labour- and workmarket.

That is why if you subscribe to our innovative ‘active search’ and blended learning ‘Digital Leadership’ programme, you can now also choose to learn differentiating Future Skills in the corporate world and in large public- and semi-public organizations around ‘Digital Transformation’ in a new optional module.

Examples of topics & learning objectives in this module are:

– digital strategy mapping & competitor analysis in the platform economy
– Corporate profiling: ‘how sick is this organization and how much time do we have left’?
– what different approaches to digital transformation & change exist
– Which approach to change or digital transformation is the most effective in this situation?
– Relationship Capital Measurement systems & e-performance measurement systems.

For Dutch speaking participants, we use the theory and the models from ‘Dinosaurier of krokodil’ as a basis. You also get a free copy of the book and which paragraphs and which chapters to read in which order. In combination with casestudies like, and Skype.

For English speaking participants, we will use English material and Englisch canvasses.

So contact me now here if you want to know more about that new flexible module.

Have a nice day.
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