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We all have a different ideas about what ‘success’ is, but one thing is for sure: success depends on making the ‘right’ choices. In this blog, I share some first thoughts on ‘making the right choices’ for you!.

Hi. How are you doing?

Today I am working on the declaration of my income taxes for 2018 and that is a good moment to think about if 2018 was a ‘success’ for me or not. Well, after a lot of difficult choices to make, I am happy with myself as a person and in my personal and professional life. I am successful in my own experience in every aspect of my current life. At to arrive at that ‘success’, it was a tough ride with tough choices to make.

Three types of choices we all have to make. 

If we want to lead a happy and successful life, I learned that there are three types of choices we all have to make as a person:

1. About us as a person.

An example of such choices are choices regarding your mental and physical health and other things that are important for you as a person to be happy and satisfied with yourself. To get out of my burnout from a number of people at ‘The Bank’, I had to take difficult decisions regarding my weight, my blood pressure and physical exercises.And choosing the right coach and doctors to help me for instance.

2. About our partner, family & friends.

In our personal life, we have to decide on if we are choosing to spend our life with a specific partner or if we are going to leave. We make choices about our children, our close friends and making new friends. In every case we have to make choices that are related to ‘continuing or stopping’.

Choosing the right friends is not easy. Some of the young people I help are for instance coming out of prison, are living in ‘diificult’ areas in large cities or are having difficulties in finding a job becasue of their color, their religion or their background. And often they hang around with the ‘wrong’ friends or they are not supported by their family.

3. About our professional life.

Also in our professional life, we have to make decisions all the time. Some important examples are staying in your current job or leaving, which career path to take, which education, training and personal or business coach to choose as just a few examples many of my colleagues at ABN Amro, my partner, family and friends and all customers I have been working with during all of my life.

These choices are also related to ‘going on’ or ‘stopping’. Just like in the other cases above here of course.

Make the ‘right’ choice…..for you.

Well these where some thoughts I had today on ‘making choices’. But here is the rub. There are no ‘good or bad choices’ in general. So beware of advisors, trainers and mentors, family and friends that push you in a certain direction and make choices for you. Actually ‘their choices’. As a person, in your private life and in your professional life.

“Beware of consultants, trainers, mentors & coaches that want you to make THEIR choices”.

Trusted advisor, trainers and coaches on the contrary help you to choose, but they never tell you what to do. And that is why I was able to make the right choices for me, because I was able to go to the right people for real help and trusted advice. Including in my personally life… But that also implied ‘stopping’ certain things….and that was painfull.

Because at the end, it is always ‘about people’ and that is why I have that sentence in my logo already for years. I am curious about what you think about making choices and about your personal story. What is you experience?

Have a nice day!

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