[MUST READ]: eBook: ‘Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy’

[NEW]: Must Read eBook 'Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy' by Tony de Bree


Competition is fierce in the world of the online platform economy. Many specialists will tell you ‘you have top beat the competition’, ”differentiate yourself from competitors’ and even ‘build your own online platform to fight the mega platforms’.

In reality, there are much better ways to define your digital strategy and to actually AVOID direct battles and competition.

Digital strategy mapping. Digital Leadership In The Only Platform Strategy.

You can of course try to beat the gorilla’s online, but there are also much smarter ways to make a difference for a specific group of profitable customers. Some of them ‘billion dollar niches’.

You should want to become a ‘digital leader’ for a specific group of customers by making a difference for them, by creating unique digital customer value. By focusing on customer innovation online instead of comparing yourself all the time with others and competing for ‘marketshare’.

But you need new models and new tools for that. And that is where this new premium eBook can help.

New tools to define a digital strategy for you. 

You will learn what three new digital customer value disciplines should be added to the traditional Treacy & Wiersema model, how you should map your new digital strategy in combination with an offline business strategy if you want and how you can in that way create real customer value for your customers online.

You can download the digital strategy templates for free, so that you can start making a difference for your customers in for instance a digital online blue ocean….avoiding direct competition with the gorilla’s instead of direct competition….

Purchase this innovative eBook now here and make a digital difference to your customers immediately.

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