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Wilt u gewoon even iemand wanneer u dat wilt om betrouwbaar advies vragen, documenten reviewen of wat dan ook, dan is ‘Consulting As A service’ wat voor u.

Pitch video 1:  Inspiration event for young entrepreneurs

Motivational speech by Tony de Bree at the Entrepreneurial Inspiration Day (EID) on 12-04-2018 on ‘Entrepreneurship: the reality behind the hype’ together with top-managers of ASML, Philips, Microsoft etc.

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Pitch video 2: Digital leadership programme

Many  executives in Financial Services are been made redundant. this short pitch video promotes new blended-learning programmes for former senior executives & senior managers Check it out here.

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Pitch video 3:  How to find the right investors?

Tony gave a workshop at the Venture cafe in Rotterdam for startups & scale-ups. On ‘How to find the right investors?’ and what they want to know about you for founders of startups and directors of scaleups.

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Pitch video services

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