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[BREAKOUT]: Do the test! Are you ready to pitch? – Tony de Bree

Pitching for different stakeholders can be an important tool in your marketingplan for 'Growing without growing. However, preparing your pitch thoroughly is even more important than your presentation skills only. Join this BREAKOUT at Venture Cafe the 11th of April in Rotterdam to learn more and get a free checklist.
Wat Annoejska Immambaks, directrice van het Venture Cafe in Rotterdam, van 'De scale-up blueprint' vindt.

Wat zijn cinemagraphs?

Wat zijn cinemagraphs? We weten allemaal dat visuals steeds belangrijker worden online en offline. Een voorbeeld daarvan zijn cinemagraphs. Wat dat zijn en hoe je ze kunt gebruiken bij je sales & marketing voor je scale-up, lees je hier inclusief een voorbeeld voor www.descaleupblueprint.nl op www.tonydebree.com.
Wat zijn cinemagraphs? Door Tony de Bree.

[NEW]: Blogs on Mentoring and The Power of Mentoring

Tony de Bree has been mentoring employees and startups and scaleups inside and outside Banking, Finance & FinTech already for a long time. In these new blogs on www.tonydebree.com, he shares his personal experiences and answers questions you might have around mentoring as a possible solution for you to start & grow your company. Here is his first blog on 'The Power of Mentoring'.
The Power of Mentoring by Tony de Bree

[BLOG]: What are ‘Social Stories?’

StorytStorytelling has always been a very effective way to transmit knowledge and experience from one person to another. However, in 2019, online storytelling and especially social storytelling & social story videos take visual marketing to a whole new level. In this blog, Tony de Bree explains what ‘Social Stories’ are and why they are so popular & effective.
What are social stories?. Blog by Tony de Bree on www.tonydebree.com.