[EVENT]: Sell Your Dream: Storytelling Tips & Tricks at the Venture Cafe. Updated for 2021

Updated: October 25, 2021

Great! Tomorrow evening I will do a session on ‘Storytelling & Personal Branding in Business’ online and offline during the Summer School on Public Speaking at the Venture Cafe in Rotterdam. I will provide you hands-on tips and tricks based 40 years of experience in public speaking, on t.v. and on the radio.

When I was asked by my friends at the Venture Cafe in Rotterdam to do a short masterclass on Public Speaking, I immediately thought about combining Public Speaking with a specific type of storytelling. Storytelling is hot nowadays online and offline and it is a format I use in different forms a lot online and offline. Including in my book about ABN Amro in Dutch ‘Dagboek van een bankier. De dagelijkse werkelijkheid achter de prooi’. The book contains different types of stories around my personal experiences between 1985 and 2011.

In this short masterclass, I am going to share personal tips and tricks based on my 40 years of experience in public speaking across the Globe and on t.v. and radio.

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See you tomorrow,
Tony de Bree
Mobiel: 06-34387806
E-mail: tony.de.breeATgmail.com.

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