[BLOG]: She Called Me a ‘Born Hustler’ Updated for 2021

Updated: October 24, 2021

Tony’s girllfriend called him a born ‘hustler’ in a shop for men’s clothes this week. Read this story on why she did that and ‘side hustling’ helped Tony to leave his Corporate day job behind and start a new successful business and private life after 2011. Morning.

Since 3 years, I live in The Hague with a girlfriend I know since I was 18. She has been one of my best friends during all my life and she really knows me pretty well. Through good times and bad times.


Yesterday, we went into a shop selling clothes for men, because she said I needed a change of clothes. Normally, I would not have gone into that shop because it is great quality but a bit too expensive for me normally. But their sales are pretty good actuallly. I bought two sweaters (Sales…) and she picked out three really nice shirts.

But I thought they were rather expensive for me as an independent ‘company of one’ business owner. She asked me to put a very expensive one on anyway (at the ‘suggestion’ of the sales person off course….) and reluctantly I did that. I walked outside, turned around and hesitated. I coughed once and said ‘mmmmmm’. And immediately the sales person reduced the price with 25 Euros! She started to laugh and said to me

 ‘You really are a born hustler. You never want to pay the full price!’. 

And she was right. Since my father went bankrupt when I was 18, I was forced to combine different sources of income (‘hustling’) to make a living and pay for my bills and education. And thats ‘soft skill’ was also one of the criteria for being hire bij Amro Bank by the way in 1985…. (see my profile of LinkedIn here). Now, ‘hustling’ also helped me in another way.

How a ‘side hustle’ helped me.

Learning how to set up a ‘side hustle’, in my case online entrepreneurship, and making money next to my high-paid job at ABN Amro as a ‘side hustle’, a second source of alternative income, actually helped me enormously in making the successful transition from Corporate life to independent business ownership including bestselling author after 2011 in preparing my personal ‘outplacement 2.0’ journey. It also ‘resosialized’ me as I call it: it made me aware of the fact that ‘it was cold outside’!

Free tips & tricks on ‘Hustling online & offline’.

This was the first blog on ‘Hustling online & offline’. Based on my own personal experiences since 2001 and of the thousands online freelancers and people working from home and I have helping across the world (see here).

So bookmark this category of posts if you do not want to miss any free tips, tricks & coupons on 1) how you can use side-hustles and hustling offline & offline to quit your highly paid day job or 2) grow your business as an independent business owner online and offline.

Tony de Bree

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