Short Video Services (standard)

In order not to waste your precious time, energy and money,  you can pay and order a number of short standard videos.  Here are 3 examples of such short videos:

Social media videos

You choose a short video from the catalgue (under construction).

 Logo videos

In these videos, your logo (in png) appears in the video.

Intros & outros

Short videos at the beginning or the end of any video. 

How it works


 You choose & order a short video (standard) from the catalogue (under construction).

 STEP 2:

 You pay securely online with PayPal or with Ideal (including VAT).

  STEP 3:

 You send us the info or the logo (png). We produce the video & deliver the video (2-3 days).

Short Video Services (standard)

Want us to help you to use videos to promote your brand or your  solutions, services or products to attract new customers & stand out from the pack? Then fill in this form:

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