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Morning, I get a lot of phone calls from people inside and outside Banking, asking me what education & training programs they should spend their valuable time and money on. My first tip: stop wasting your valuable time & money on Lean & Agile Courses. Here is why.


one of the advantages of having started making online as my ‘plan b’ since 2001 is that I felt ‘the cold outside’ as one of the senior managers once told me at an early stage. I saw that the labourmarket  was changing very quickly because of the Internet. How I saw that? Because I focused on helping online freelancers and people working from home worldwide. Without having a lot of money. They ‘only’ had their own skills and knowledge, a PC and the Internet.

I discovered that many people (including me!) had to learn how to hustle and combine gigs and jobs to make a living and pay their bills. Because of globalization and the transparancy brought by the Internet. And they had to focus on how they could make money online & offline with their own unique skills, a PC, The Internet and with people that they knew.

Since a number of years, large organizations in the private and public sector are laying off a lot of people over 45. And what I see around me and in our blended learning programmes is that many people have the same personal profile and the same working experience.

“Many people have the same personal profile and the same working experience”.

And that especially applies to managers and executives in those large organizations. So when they loose their fixed job, they ask me what kind of training and courses they should follow. My personal tip is easy: ‘do what I have done’ which is: focus on future skills in future organizations (see my LinkedIn-profile here) and on continuous learning. What are future organizations? Future organizations are not ‘dinosaurs’ but startups, scaleups, family companies and SMEs. And focus also on investigating if you can become a successful independent entrepreneur or not.

And that includes developing future skills in using future methods and future tools that are addressing problems that these new organizations face. And that is not ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’. Many people have belts and certificates in ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ and these methods and tools are only used by large companies, they are for ‘dinosaurs’. And too many people already have those certificates while the labourmarket for that type of skills is decreasing! So not a good way to differentiate yourself, is it? A lot of supply and a decreasing demand.

“‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ are great for fat dinosaurs that have to become slim and fit. But that is a disappearing world”.

My personal tip.

My personal tip is a rather simple one. Be smart and don’t put your valuable time, money and energy in acquiring and developing old skills and knowledge that will not increase your chances in the new world. But focus on future skills in the new world. And that includes ‘making money with your own skills and network’ and hustling. I personally spend 2-3 hours a day to learn new skills in practice, not by listening to professors and other people that never ‘did it’ themselves. I learn ‘doing it’ with people that have demonstrated that they know how…..in real life.

Anyway, you do what you want. Just like a guy I spoke to last year did. He decided to ignore this personal advice and to spend his outplacement-money on very expensive courses including on Lean in France…..He now regrets that….

Have a nice day.
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