[BLOG]: Stop Wasting Your Time & Money With Storytelling Marketing

[BLOG]: 'How To Handle Loosing Your Job' by Tony de Bree.

‘Storytelling Marketing’ is hot. You can follow very expensive training, masterclasses & workshops at many institutes. But ‘Storytellling Marketing’is dead. You can however use Storytelling in another way that does work.

Hi, thanks for passing by. So ‘Storytelling Marketing’ is dead. But then the question is of course: ‘what does work?’. Well, this approach does….

‘Matching stories’. 

People actually connect with each other by ‘matching stories’. You have to have something in common. Both in your private life as in your professional life, that is the way it works. An example.

I personally know what it means to have an exciting job in a global bank and being challenged all the time. I know what it means to start an online business next to a full time job, in this case selling eBooks, software & videos online and doing online coaching of entrepreneurs.

But I also know the pain of being in the hospital with a ‘burn-out’ and all the physical and psychological problems you experience because of ‘killer’ managers. I know what it means to quit a well-paid job at a large company and make the transition from ‘banker to entrepreneur’. I also felt the pain and know how it works and worked for me to become successful and happy after that. Including a divorce.

People know who I really am because they read my books and because they saw me on t.v. or listened to me on the radio. When I meet prospects, I always begin by sharing relevant stories based on the things I discovered by listening to or Googling people I am going to meet. And professionals actually also doing the same thing before they meet me…!

Effective Storytelling = ‘listening’. 

I always try to ask people to tell their story on a one-to-one basis and if there are similarities, that might be a ‘fit’ or a ‘match’. And I discovered that successful entrepreneurs and companies actually ‘know’ who I am, what makes me ‘tick’ and try to relieve my pain and satisfy a real need I have.

That is also the reason I always tell students when I work with in ‘Entrepreneurship’ or Startup or Scaleup courses to do their homework. And why I always check if they did THEIR homework. Did they ‘Google’ me before an exam or an assignment? You have to know ‘Who are you going to talk to?’, ‘What is his or her story?’ And how can you stress the elements in your personal story or stories, in your ‘pitch’, your marketing materials and your presentations and courses. To ‘connect’ and to make a ‘match’ with the right (potential) customers.

That is what I leaned when I worked in Sales & Marketing and as Head of Customer Support at Global Securities Services at ABN Amro between 1993 and 1997 dealing with decision-makers at large Corporates and international Institutional Investors.

Well that was my blog about effective ‘Storytelling’. It is upto you to choose. Do you want to go on wasting your precious time, energ and money or are you going to make a difference to your customers?

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