Great! 10 teams of students of the university of Windesheim in the East of the Netherlands will use a number tools including canvasses from my new book in Dutch ‘The Scale-up Blueprint’ including the scaleup model canvas (check it out here).

This is where the idea for ‘The Scale-Up Blueprint’ came from.

When I met with two founders of the scale-up my son worked in Amsterdam, Annual Insight, Bart and Jeroen,  at the beginning of the year, they asked me two questions. The first one was ‘How can we grow and scale without becoming too big, too fat! Too much like the old incumbents and dinosaurs’. And the second question was: ‘do you know any tools and canvasses that we can use in our case?’.

Co-creation with successful CEOs of scale-ups, investors and educators.

I started to think and I decided to team up with a number of friends of mine including successful entrepreneurs, investors and university teachers. The result was this innovatieve ‘do-it-yourself’ book about strategy development and holistic change management for scaleups, building a differentiating business ecosystem, scale-up marketingstrategy and Lean scale-up financing.

In combination with a number of innovative scaleup canvasses to help founders of successful startups to make the organizational change and be ready to grow and scale nationally and internally without hiring too many people and by building a unique business ecosystem of suppliers, strategic partners and independent business owners including online freelancers.

Guest lectures, (incompany) workshops and masterclasses in English.

Although the book and the scale-up canvasses are in Dutch, we already have all the canvasses, exercises and a lot of other material in English, so if you are interested in guest lecturers, masterclasses or workshops in English (or Dutch), drop me a line here.

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