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'What Do The Mega Online Platforms Actually Disrupt?' by Tony de Bree

[BLOG]: What Do The Mega Online Platforms Actually Disrupt?

Introduction. everybody is talking about 'digital disruption', 'disruptive entrepreneurship' and 'the online platform economy. But they often miss the most important type of digital... Read more »
[NEW]: Must Read eBook 'Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy' by Tony de Bree

[MUST READ]: eBook: ‘Digital Leadership In The Online Platform Economy’

Introduction. Competition is fierce in the world of the online platform economy. Many specialists will tell you 'you have top beat the competition', ''differentiate... Read more »
'How To Recognize Great Leaders' by Tony de Bree

[BLOG]: How To Recognize Great Leaders

Introduction. Leadership is really hot nowadays. But every leader is actually different. While some leaders will be very charismatic, loud and proud, others will... Read more »

[NEWS]: Free eBooks on Pitching, Storytelling, Network Strategies, Leadership and Social & Video Marketing Tonight At The Venture Cafe

Many founders of startups since 1997 make the mistake of growing their team & their organization the moment they get more clients too much.... Read more »

[BLOG]: Stop Going To ‘Semler-style’ Leadership Events & Courses

Morning, one of the over hyped topics in large organizations and traditional management courses is learning 'new ways' of leadership: leading 'Semco-style'. In this... Read more »