[WORSHOP]: The Scaleup Blueprint: the Basics

How to grow and scale your business by Tony de Bree at the Amsterdam Business Breakfast in January 2019

Growing and ‘Scalingup’ are hot topics nowadays. But nobody has answered the question how to do that. In this special workshop by Tony de Bree on the 31st of January in Amsterdam, you will learn how to use ‘The Scaleup Blueprint’ to organize, grow and scale your business without becoming ‘fat’ and ‘slow’ and how to build your own business ecosystem.

Good afternoon.

Since 1997, many founders of startups and CEOs of scaleups have asked me the same questions:

1) How do you change and professionalism your organization as quickly and as intelligently as possible with the help of IT and the right partners, while not losing sight of customer’s needs?

2) Which tools and methods are available specifically for growing startups? (scaleup canvasses).

Successful startups feel ‘growing pains’ specifically when they reach the “2nd wall” between the Validation and Growth phases. Founders want to grow their business but not their organization too much in terms of employees and managers with a fixed contract  so that they become a “slow’ and ‘fat’ organization.

Objectives of the workshop.

In this workshop you will learn

  • what the 3-stepmodel for organizing, growing and scaling your successful startup is?
  • what ‘The scaleup blueprint’ is?
  • how to use ‘The scaleup blueprint’?
  • What ‘The Scaleup Model Canvas’ is?
  • and how to use it to design, grow and scale your business?

And how to use it in combination with a number of other scaleup canvasses to organize, grow and scale your organization and your business and how to differentiate yourself from the pack with a unique business ecosystem.

Register youself here now and also get a free copy of ‘De scale-up blueprint’ in Dutch.

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