Updated: June 22, 2021


Existing mega social networks like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp & Twitter play an important role in the online platform economy of today. We also know that each time a new online platform achieves EXPLOSIVE growth …

Google in 2001, MySpace in 2004, Facebook in 2007, Instagram in 2011, YouTube in 2012, SnapChat in 2014 …

it happens in 3 stages: adoption, growth & establishment

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6 years since the last major online platform shift.

It’s been SIX years since the last major online platform shift. Since then, the major social media platforms have grown from 1.96 billion to 3.48 BILLION users.

The coming shift is we will see in 2020 is going to be monumental.

In 2020 & beyond, TikTok, Medium, Reddit & LinkedIn are set to dominate video & social traffic … while established giants keep fighting for digital supremacy in the online platform economy.

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