[BLOGS]: Tony’s first tip: from banker to entrepeneur

Morning, I always notice it when there are large-scale reorganizations and lay-offs at large banks in The Netherlands at ABN Amro, ING or Rabo Bank  because suddenly people want to become friends with me on LinkedIn or Facebook. They want to make the transition from banker to entrepeneur. And they ask me ‘how did you do it, Tony?’.


The journey from ‘banker to entrepeneur’ and especially successful entrepeneurship is actually a rather difficult one. There are several reasons for that:

1) The corporate world of large banks and Financial Services in general is a protected one. You are living in a kind of artificial ‘bubble’, far away from the real world. And I know, because I worked in such a bubble for 26 years! (see my profile on LinkedIn here).

2) The process of ‘banker to entrepeneur’ is a journey of what I call ‘resocialisation’. You have to get back into contact with yourself and above all, with society and ‘normal’ people around you.

3) Most of the information you get about entrepeneurship in traditional outplacement programs at large banks and traditional business schools is theory. Most professors of entrepreneurship at Universities and Business Schools have never done it successfully themselves. So how can they teach you how to do it?

So the first tip I want to give you is:

‘Do not waste your precious time & money on the wrong education on entrepreneurship’.

Want to know more about how I can help you to make the personal transition from banker to entrepeneur, then send me an email here or call me on 06-34387806 and if you want to read more blogs with tips and tricks around ‘outplacement 2.0’ in English, bookmark this category and if you read Dutch, bookmark this one.

Have a nice day.
Tony de Bree
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