[BLOG]: Understanding the Lifecycle of Leads

'Understanding the Lifecycle of Leads' by Tony de Bree

Hi, I just finished talking to one of my Impact scaleup clients. As is the case with many startups and scaleups, focus on targeting the right leads and implementing structured and hopefully automated lead generation was and is a big issue.

When you talk about getting new profitable customers to your business using different touchpoints, you will often focus on bringing in ‘leads’ in a specific niche. A lead is any potential customer who meets the right criteria and thereby can be considered the kind of person that you are going to be focusing your marketing online and/or offline on in the first place.

But not all leads are made equal and some types of leads are better than others. The aim of your engagement and marketing using different touchpoints thus is not only to bring in leads but to bring in the right kinds of leads and also to convert leads from one kind to another. Let’s take a look at what the different types of leads are and what it means for your new or existing business.

Cold Lead
A cold lead is the most basic type of lead. This is someone who you have established contact with online and/or offline and who fits within your precise target audience in a specific niche. In other words, they have the ‘right profile’. Including for instance age, sex, location and income and you have the means to reach out to them.

But they are still ‘cold’ leads because they’ve shown no interest in your brand, your solutions or your products and they have had no contact with you prior to this first interaction.

Warm Lead
The next stage for your leads is to become ‘warm’ leads. A warm lead is a lead that you have now had an interaction with, you have ‘ engaged’ him or her and that has shown some kind of interest in you and/or your brand. They aren’t paying customers yet but they have demonstrated interest in you or your solution and that makes them much more likely to become a customer in future.

To become a warm lead, someone might have contected you on Linkedin, liked your page on Facebook or might have bought one of your books like is often my case. Or they might have signed up to your mailing list or they might have emailed you to ask about your business.

Qualified Lead
A qualified lead is the best type of lead. This is someone who has not only shown an interest in your business but has actually shown an interest in your solution, your products or a specific item. That means they are very likely to want to buy from you with the right incentive and they are probably ‘ready’ to buy as well.

To become a qualified lead, your lead might have asked for information about a specific service or product, or they might have pre-ordered or they might visited your website or you webstore. The key is to only try to sell to qualified leads in the right niche.

My personal tips.

You can find the right cold leads in different ways and then bring them up to the point where they are committed to your brand and ready to buy. However, the best way to optimize your lead generation online and offline is to focus on the right niche and look at people that you already know and that know you and that trust you.

Well, that was my first blog on ‘Lead generation’. Bookmark these blogs if you want to get more free tips on how you can find the right customers in your niche for your solutions.

Tony de Bree

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