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Updated: November 10, 2021

Using video marketing and online video in general to make money and save money to start, grow and scale your business as starter, independent entrepreneur, a startup or a scaleup is critical for your success. This is how we will help you with video marketing in Q4 2019.

1) My personal mission: helping you to make a difference for your customers.

Hey! How are you doing? Thanks for visiting www.tonydebree.com.

As you might know, my personal mission is ‘to make a difference for my customers by giving them hope and the tools to be successful, make money with their knowledge and skills and with the right people in their network & ecosystem’ *

That also means helping you as 1) a visitor of this site, 2) people that follow us on social media and 3) our customers to use video to make a difference for their customers and be successful. An example is the image of the short video we use ourselves revealing the ‘Fintech Scaleup Blueprint’ logo:

[VIDEO]: FinTech Startup Blueprint (Tony de Bree)

2) Helping visitors, followers and customers with video marketing.

Helping you with video marketing will be done in three different ways:

  1. Visitors of the site will get free video marketing tips, will be informed of new services and will get free digital products.
  2. If you follow me on social media (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages) because you bought one of my books for instance, you will get extra info, free digital products, deals and coupons.
  3. If you are a customer, you will receive special offers, digital products, checklists, coupons and other special on-demand and customised digital products and solutions tailored to your needs.

More: New On This Site / Video Marketing Tips.

3) What can YOU do? 

  1. Visitors: register yourself in the menu in the sidebar next to any blog.
  2. Followers: follow me on Linkedin here, on Twitter @tonydebree (English), @fintechtrends (FinTech in English), @2urigewerkdag (tips, geld verdienen, ondernemen and ‘HNW’ in Dutch) & @ideetotstartup (startups in Dutch: ‘Kan het vliegen?’). On Instagram: ‘tony.de.bree’ (English) and ‘scaleupblueprint’ (Nederlands).
  3. Followers Facebook: follow my pages (in Dutch): ‘Geld verdienen met jezelf’, ‘Kan het vliegen? Van idee tot succesvolle startup’ en ‘De scale-up blueprint. Zo kun je succesvol groeien en schalen’.
  4. Customers: do 1 and 2 with an emphasis on connecting with me on LinkedIn.

What’s next?

Well, that was it for today. if you do not want to miss any news on this site, then bookmark these posts (‘New on this site’)  and ‘Video Marketing Tips’ (in English) here.

If you have any question or if you have any specific needs or demands, please fill in this form. If it is really urgent, call me or ‘WhatsApp’ me on 06-34387806, ok?

Have a nice day.
Tony de Bree

p.s. If you want to have YOUR logo in this video, contact us here.

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