[BLOG]: What are ‘Storytelling Videos’?

'What are Storytelling Videos' by Tony de Bree on www.tonydebree.com.

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People have been telling stories by making drawings in caves and on rocks for 30.000 years. Now, in 2019, storytelling videos take storytelling to a whole new level. In this blog, I will explain what ‘Storytelling Videos’ are and why they are so successful.

What are ‘Storytelling Videos’?


“Storytelling Videos’ are videos in which stories are ‘told’ in different ways’. 

Why is storytelling so popular?

The reason storytelling is so popular is that we all love stories. Did you know that people have been telling stories by drawing since 30,000 years ago? Yes, our ancestors have been making drawings in caves and on rocks for a very long time. Besides the cave part, things haven’t changed too much these days. Storytelling is still a major part of communication and a way to share knowledge and experience between generations for instance. From a branding, sales & marketing point of view, telling a captivating story does not only help you win and keep customers but it also builds trust, credibility, and loyalty. And above all, if the video is well scripted, you connect the story of your customer withe your story.

Why are storytelling videos so popular? 

When you tell a story is through video, it creates huge extra emotions and engagements, thus bringing your audience closer to your personal brand and making them more interested in you, your solutions and your products and services. And the other advantage is of course that you can reach many more people at the same time.

Why do I use storytelling videos? 

I personally use storytelling including different types of ‘storytelling videos’ already for a long time. In different formats and in different ways including as a format in my books like my Dutch book on what really happened at ABN Amro. The main reasons is that according to others I am a born storyteller and because I can write and script stories rather easily.

What’s next?

In the next blog, I will give you a number of examples of different types of ‘storytelling videos’ including some very popular ones with milennials…

Tony de Bree

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Tony de Bree has been working in Educational Technology and multimedia since 1985 and in (corporate) venturing and entrepreneurial financing of high-tech and impact startups and scaleups inside and outside Banking, FinTech, RegTech & EdTech since 1997. He earmarked Amazon.com, Bol.com, PayPal, ASML & IKEA in 2001 while working at Corporate IT Strategy at ABN Amro. He is a successful online entrepreneur & online marketeer as his ‘plan b’ since 2001. He left the Bank at the end of 2011 and is helping executives, students, founders of startups, CEOs of scaleups & SMES to make money online and offline and ‘Start & Grow their business without growing their organization’ using digital products and different types of videos. Connect with him on LinkedIn here or contact him here.



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