[BLOG]: What is Minimalist Entrepreneurship?

'What is minimalistic entrepreneurship?'by Tony de Bree on www.tonydebree.com.

Hi, I just finished working on my new eBook in English on ‘Digital leadership in the online platform economy’ and I now continue to work on my next book-project (in Dutch this time) on growing your business as an independent entrepreneur, founder of a startup or partner in a scaleup while staying small. Yes, you understood that right!

Too much focus on growing and scaling. 

Everybody tells us we have to grow. The company has to grow, the number of employees has to grown, you have to grow internationally and much more. We say that ‘your business model has to be scalable or else you do not get funding’ and because of that we are trying desperately to get more clients, to get more funding and to grow bigger and bigger. Actually to pay for employees, a big car and a big house.

The truth is……that is not necessary at all.

Minimalistic entrepeneurship: less is more.

I discovered already in 2001 starting my online side hustle (see here) that you actually can start and build a very profitable (online) business without having a lot of time or money. In line with the ‘minimalistic lifestyle’ everybody is talking about.

The idea is rather simple: ‘minimalistic entrepreneurship’ is about being very conscious about what is really needed to make your company a success. What do you really want to achieve, what does really make you happy? How many clients do your really want to have? Do you really need this external funding? How do you spend your precious time, energy and money on doing what?

An example: it can be very profitable to have a very exclusive business for a very small ‘blue ocean’ of paying offline or online customers that are badly served or not served at all. By providing personalised, high quality services including online on consulting on demand, you do not need to scale or grow. You can stay small. You just need yourself, a laptop, phone or desktop and the right soft and hard skills including time management, productivity and a ‘minimalistic lifestyle’ with your own personal mix and flavour. The fact that you do not scale and your time is scarce, makes is all extra valuable.

Well, that was my first blog on ‘Minimalistic Entrepreneurship’. Bookmark  Minimalistic Entrepreneurship blogs if you want to read more on ‘less is more’ for you as a successful and happy entrepeneur without focusing too much on growing and scaling in traditional terms.

Tony de Bree

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