[BLOG]: What is ‘Outplacement 2.0’? Updated for 2021

'What is outplacement 2.0?' by Tony de Bree

Updated: November 6, 2021

In this blog, Tony de Bree explains what ‘Outplacement 2.0’ is and how it can help organizations save money and time and individuals to stop wasting their valuable time and severence packages and prepare themselves better for other options like entrepreneurship.

What is outplacement 2.0?

During the last part of my career at ABN Amro, I followed a traditional outplacement program. I was in group meetings, I learned how to make a traditional c.v. and I learned how to present myself during a job traditional jobinterview. I knew that that basically in my situation and at that time was a waste of time and money, considering the traditional labourmarket with my age, my experience and my educational level, so after I left, I continued with my ‘plan ‘b.

I had started to work on ‘my plan b’ since 2001, setting up my first internet sites and learning how to be a successful online freelancer and online marketeer. I used a lot of English e-books, followed a lot of video tutorials and was in webinars of people that had been very successful in making money online, with their own future skills, with new technology and often working from home.

New individual learning programs combining different instructional models.

And then I remembered the things we did after 1985 when I started to work for Amro Bank. Designing individual learning programs online and offline and mixing different instructional models. Often turning instructor-led activities in groups into individual learning activities. And that is what I did again while co-designing all our current solutions. And that works fine. We call that approach ‘Outplacement 2.0’. It saves a lot of time and money for large organizations and the same thing goes for most of my customers, often former executives and senior managers, that I currently work. Including the use of new to work together and partner. And by the way, I spend more than two hours every day to learn ‘how-to-do’ new things! And that is fun.

Want to know more about ‘outplacement 2.0’ for your organization or as a person, then send me an email here or call me on 06-34387806 and if you want to read more blogs with tips and tricks around ‘outplacement 2.0’ in English, bookmark this category and if you read Dutch, bookmark this one.

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