[BLOG]: What is ‘pitching’?

'De scale-up blueprint. Zo kun je succesvol groeien en schalen' van Tony de Bree.

Presenting and speaking online and offline is becoming a very important soft skills. One of the most popular forms is ‘pitching’.

What is pitching actually?

‘Pitching is presenting your idea, business, product or service, your company or even yourself to different targetgroups. These targetgroups can be customers, different types of corporate or private investors or other people or companies that want to finance or fund you, or different types of juries. In general, these presentations are short and to the point’.

You can pitch using different touchpoints or media. Ranging from face-to-face to using short videos.

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Dr. Tony de Bree MBA has been working in (corporate) venturing and entrepreneurial financing of high-tech and impact startups and scaleups inside and outside Banking, FinTech & RegTech since 1997. He earmarked Amazon.com, Bol.com, PayPal, ASML & IKEA in 2001 while working at Corporate IT Strategy at ABN Amro. He left the Bank at the end of 2011 and is helping executives, students, founders of startups, CEOs of scaleups & SMES to make money online and offline and ‘Start & Grow their business without growing their organization’. He is bestselling author of a number of books for entrepeneurs in Dutch. Connect with him on LinkedIn here or contact him here.

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