Text alone isn’t enough anymore to attract new customers and to keep your existing customers happy. We’re living in the age of ‘visual’ instead of ‘text’. And that is why visual content marketing is key to your success as a business owner. In this blog, I explain what visual content marketing is and why you should make the switch from text to visual content marketing and fast.

Visual content marketing is focusing on using a lot less text than before and more and more visuals in your online marketing and especially on the different social media platforms. Examples of visuals are:

  • Photos
  • Infographics
  • Different types of Live and still videos.
  • Gifs.

And different combinations of those.

That is why for some time, we are actually moving away from text on this site, moving towards more visuals and especially different types of videos (see examples here), GIFs and also a funny type of new creature, so called ‘cinemagraphs’. Cinemagraphs are videos on which a large part is still and only a small part is moving. We will include a number of examples on this site in the next few days.

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