[BLOG]: Why Endorsements, Recommendations & Skills Matter on LinkedIn Updated for 2021

Updated: October 28, 2021

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A many of our customers, including executives, founders of startups and directors of scaleups that I see online on LinkedIn have great profiles, with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are often the following. They’re weak in endorsements, recommendations, and/or skills.

Often all three. It’s like these three are the step children of the various fields that make up a complete LinkedIn profile. Here’s why you don’t want to ignore these all-important parts of your LinkedIn profile.

Look at it this way. When’s the last time you bought something that cost more than a few dollars (or Euros, pounds or yen, etc.)? Being an Internet savvy person, what did you do? If you’re like most folks, you Googled whatever it was and read about what other people thought, right? Well, people are doing essentially the same thing on LinkedIn. We call this social proof in the marketing business. People are highly influenced by what other people think and especially by who they trust.

Being endorsed is one of the ways of providing this social proof to people who visit your profile on LinkedIn. Recommendations are another way of providing this proof.

Have you ever asked a colleague or friend about the car they just bought, the new restaurant they tried, or their webdesigner or their trusted advisor? For important decisions including purchases, finding the right person, product or the right service provider is often done through recommendations. Recommendations carry a huge amount of influence, and you should be asking the people you’re connected with, at least the ones you know well, to recommend you.

Finally, listing your skills matters a lot! Seeing a large list of skills along with the number of people who’ve endorsed you for them is a great way to position yourself as a professional. Not only that, but the selection of skills helps viewers get to know you. Recruiters, people who are potential clients and potential investors are going to scan these skills to help them understand who you are and what you bring to the party!

Well, that was it for today. Until the next blog on LinkedIn and if I can help you make money online, including with LinkedIn, just contact me here, ok?


p.s. If you are interested in more practical tips about how you can use LinkedIn to reach your objectives, including how to get leads, bookmark these posts.

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