[WORKSHOP]: Lean Startup Financing at Startup In Residence In The Hague Updated for 2021

Updated: September 16, 2021

Nice! On the 16th of October, we will organize the new ‘Lean startup financing’ workshop in The Hague for the Startup In Residence Program for the five startups including impact startups that were selected for the main program.

There is a lot of hype around financing and funding the activities to transform your idea step-by-step into a successful startup that will get of the ground. That is why I am really happy that the program management of the Startup In Residence Program in The Hague has asked me to leverage my knowledge and hands-on experience and of professionals in our business ecosystem since 1997 in helping 5 startups to get their activities funded in a smart, Lean’ way. The content has been tailored to the requirements of the Program Managers of The Hague. You can check out some of the details of an example workshop here.

And you can register yourself for Free here for the workshop on the 16th under the condition that you are approved by the program management of Startup In Residence in The Hague.

Tony de Bree
Mobiel: 06-34387806
E-mail: tony.de.breeATgmail.com.

This flexible module is also part of our ‘Startup Accelerator As A Service Program’. Check out the details of some of the services here and some of the customers here.

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